It’s Sunday the 23rd of October, and the team is ready for another week of great ministry at Eastside.  The Children’s Church team are setting up registration to welcome the families via Check-In;  The Teen Church team are making flapjacks to welcome the teens to Teen Church (resulting in much jealousy from the adults);  the Worship Team is sound checked and praying and Stephen Burrows is ready to preach the 4th sermon in our series, titled ‘Dear Titus’.  The next 75 odd minutes had their challenges, as some services do, with our wifi going down – but God is faithful and we enjoyed a great time in His presence.

A few hours later, the teams are back to lead the 6pm service and there is another great vibe as young and old gather around coffee tables to enjoy the presence of God and the company of each other.

If you missed it – scroll through some of the photos to reflect the day, and listen to the sermon below. (Click the photo for a better quality view)